How To Choose The Best Roofing Material For The Roof. Types Of Roofing Material For The Roof. What Roof Is Best For The Home

If you decide to build a house, first of all you must decide on a design project and choose the right materials. Only after determining what the base, base, overlay and roof will be, can you start buying the necessary materials. It is important to decide on a choice of ceilings before construction, then will know with certainty about resistance of walls and foundations. But, how to choose the correct ceiling?

Types Of Roofing Materials

Of course, the requirements for the roof depend on the region of residence. For example, frost resistance is particularly relevant for northern areas, and noise isolation – for large cities. It is also necessary to take into account the durability and wear resistance of the material, since the roof is not manufactured for a decade. This element, perhaps, is one of the most important in the construction of a house. And, of course, it must be combined in style with the entire structure. When selecting the roof of your private home, we apply to the Moscow company “Stroymet”, the official site –

To facilitate the determination of the type of roof, you can pay attention immediately to the classification. At the moment, one can identify three basic types of roofing materials :

Economic Class Of Roofing Materials

If you want to save on construction without damaging the house, you can choose economy-class materials. Of course, they will not look as attractive as their more expensive “brothers”, but they also have their advantages.

Metal profiled sheets (corrugated sheet) differ not only in the presence or absence of a polymer coating, but also in the size of the waves. This durable material will last you a long time, since it has a high resistance to wear. Due to its flexibility, corrugated cardboard can be installed even in difficult sections of the roof. However, you need a slope of at least ten degrees. The sheets overlap, which increases the cost of the material. But the low cost of corrugated cardboard does not make this material deficient.

If we talk about the disadvantages of a roof of this type, it is worth noting the low noise insulation. Although the additional material (lining) is used for the laying, the audibility in the house is still very high.

The traditional slabs of asbestos and cement   practically ceased to be used in the construction of private houses. And this is a completely logical explanation. Low price and good resistance is, of course, an advantage. But slate is a very brittle material, it is easy to damage even during placement. In addition, in a few years, said roof will be saturated with moisture and will be an excellent place for the growth and reproduction of fungi and mosses. But the biggest drawback of the fiber cement slabs in one of the components. The fact is that asbestos is harmful to human health. Such savings in construction materials can involve serious costs for medications in a few years.

But there is another more modern version of the blackboard: ondulina . Bituminous leaves are sometimes called “flexible slate.” Since cellulose is used, and not asbestos, for its production, this material is completely safe for human health. Another advantage of the undulation is the ease of installation (as, in fact, the material itself). And a wide variety of colors will allow you to create a unique and unique design of your home. If we talk about the disadvantages, then they are enough. Ondulin is not suitable for homeowners in hot and cold areas, as this material is difficult to tolerate both frost and scorching sun. From the heat, the roof can even “drive”. In addition, ondulin is very flammable.

Roofing Materials For Business Class

Soft roof and metal tiles: an excellent compromise between technical parameters, appearance and price. But even these materials have their own characteristics, which must be taken into account when choosing a roof.

For example, metal tile looks like a real ceramic tile, however, it is a metal sheet with some texture. This roofing material has many advantages: durability, ease of installation, strength and light weight. But you should immediately consider the higher consumption of material, since the sheets overlap with an overlap of at least 25 centimeters. The use of metal leads to a familiar problem: poor insulation of noise.

But soft roof , which is sometimes called “bituminous shingles”, provides a high level of sound insulation without tools and additional materials. Due to the plasticity of the material, it can be stacked even in the most uncomfortable and intricate places. The durability is due to the roof’s resistance to corrosion and the appearance of rust. Soft roof TechnoNIKOLShinglas, which we bought for our house in the company “Stroymet” differs not only from good technical characteristics, but also from a wide palette of colors.

First Class Roofing Materials

Few will not notice the beauty and uniqueness of the ceramic tile ceiling . This material has many advantages: durability, frost resistance, high level of sound insulation, a wide variety of shapes and colors. But the production of this shingles is a complex and expensive process. As a consequence, the high price of the material. In addition, the great weight of the ceramic tiles forces to make a smaller step of the beams, which also affects the costs.

Several hundred years ago, the developers did not ask what roof to choose for the house. At that time, there were only a few specimens that fit any person, which can not be said for today. The modern production of building materials every year presents us with new products, and with them the construction technology of the building as a whole is changing.

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