Types Of Roofing Materials

The beginning of construction should always start with some idea or development plan. Without this, you will not have a clear idea of ​​your desires, therefore, the erection process will continue for a long time.

It is necessary to understand that the roof is not only an ornament, but also protects your comfort from an external aggressive environment. Therefore, when selecting materials, it is necessary to clarify the objectives that will be adapted to you. A Roofing Company frequently supplies roofing materials.

As a general rule, in any private construction, the choice of the roof rests with the owner. In fact, all the constructive elements of the future structure depend on this. After all, if you buy a natural tile, whose mass is quite impressive, then you have to equip a system and a solid truss base. And that the colossal load flowed smoothly from one place to another, it is necessary to acquire reliable walls. You see, clinging one after the other, the appearance of the building is changing before our eyes.

As mentioned above, today there are many roofs, but you can distinguish the following:

  • Ondulin
  • Tiles (ceramic, bituminous, metal)
  • Asbestos and cement slate
  • Metal roofs

In addition to the main criteria for choosing a roof, there are many more nuances. For example, your region of residence and the roofing bias are the most important. Often, financially-funded developers try to pursue several goals: beautiful appearance and reliable protection.

As for temporary buildings, everything is simpler here. As a general rule, the dependencies are created for direct use, and not for admiration, so the materials that give beauty at the same time can be set aside and concentrate on those of quality. As an example, I can give several: galvanized metal sheets (without a polymer layer) and roofing material.

Despite the large amount of roofing, they are easily divided into three classes.

  1. Economic class . It includes products that do not differ in their beauty, but that have a reliable quality. The most popular are: slate, corrugated cardboard and ondulina
  2. The medium got executive class . It can be safely attributed to a soft roof and metal roofs. Surely, you already guessed that the extended surface of such products not only has a good waterproofing, but also provides an attractive view of the entire building.
  3. Then it follows premium class . The elite of roofing products gathered here. Brilliantly distinguished from this list you can call ceramic and copper tiles. Although metal is more suitable for the previous class, copper is an exception. Over time, it changes its color and only increases its characteristics

Thanks to modern materials, these edges have practically worn out and it is always possible to find an adequate alternative to this or that product.

Onduline Characteristics

In order for you to understand this material, I must make an introduction. Externally, wavelet is very similar to asbestos and cement slate, but it has smaller waves, located at a great distance from each other. The main raw material is natural cellulose mixed with bitumen and other additives. When adding several pigments to the product, the product receives a variety of gamma.

In the initial versions of Euroshafer, it had no other name, but over time, one of the companies started producing this coating with the Onduline brand. This name attracted all workers and stores, for what is now called the bitumen board.

The minimum deviation to place the Euroshade is 5 degrees, as for the maximum, it does not. Because ondulina is a kind of soft roof, it is necessary to rest on a solid base. It usually uses moisture-proof plywood, OSB boards or edge boards. If you prefer the latter option, then there is a need to select lumber in a single measure, otherwise you risk creating an uneven plane. The cover material placed on such a surface will deform and this will inevitably lead to leakage over time.

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